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Company introduction

National Plastic (Suzhou) Machinery Tech Co.,Ltd was founded in 2014, located in Zhangjiagang City. Our company adhering to the original advanced technical experience, specializing in the production of high-quality blow molding machine. Our main products are various types of blow moulding machines, bottle blow molding machine, plastic IBC tank blow molding machine, 200L double-ring blow molding machine, drum blow molding machine, jerrycan blow molding machine, pallet blow molding machine, toys blow molding machine, three-layer water tank blow molding machine, table blow molding machine, etc., Our company's sales service network covers 13 provinces and cities throughout the country.

Our company has long cooperated and exchanged with famous scientific research institutes at home and abroad and relevant hollow blow molding machine industry, introduced advanced technology at home and abroad, and ensured that product technology keeps pace with the world's advanced trend. The company is a research and development and manufacturing base of all series of blow molding machine and blow molds. The company upholds the innovative research concept and brings more choices and comparisons to the global blow molding industry users.

First of all, I will introduce you to the differences between our products and other manufacturers' blow molding machines:

1, Using a barrel screw that can be simultaneously suitable for: medium molecule, polymer, ultra-polymer, direct-crushing pellets, high temperature-free (plasticizing section without shear heating), automatic control of cooling water temperature, hopper switch Computer control, configuration of extrusion pressure sensor (real-time monitoring of screw feeding situation).

2, The material and wall thickness resistance ruler adopts the most advanced LVDT non-contact differential displacement sensor, the voltage analog output precision reaches 0.05%, zero drift, used to perfectly guarantee the wall thickness, weight and length of the product (continuous production) Stability and continuity.

3, For the optimization of the design and material of the accumulator die-head, the color change problem is solved perfectly. We promise that the color change of the volume of the 30L accumulator die-head 100MM screw is about need 400 kg plastic raw materials and need 2 hours can clean.

4, Configurable imported with remote debugging, detection, monitoring, 15-inch touch screen industrial computer (need to configure the wireless network environment on the machine site).

5, Optional configuration of a full set of European radial wall thickness control system (except KAUTEX only available).

6, Can be configured single-layer, double-layer, three-layer, two-color, with transparent line each full range of accumulator die-head.