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Sustainable development:

Our company concerned about the environment. Our management and sustainability strategy is based

on three basic factors environment, society and economic.We do our best to save energy and reduce waste, in

order to prove our commitment. We are committed to improving our globalcommunity and keeping developing

environmental technologies and innovative products.

Environmental Sustainability:

Our company always been concerned about two spects of environmental sustainability. In product

design, we strive to help customers maximize product efficiency (especially for the final products); meanwhile

reduce internal manufacturing processenergy, raw materials consumption and cycle time.

Social Responsibility:

Our company firmly establishes a corporate social responsibility, including internal accountability and

external accountability. We, from the boss to the workers, promote social responsibility to ensure that our

leaders fully support our work and devote all their energy.

Sustainable economic development:

Sustainable economic development strategy, including the implementation of the global internal operations

of the Group:

Timely feedback and adaptive manufacturing systems.

Improve efficiency by reducing the waste and improve the quality.

Focus on the Lean program, the production cycle management and the market cooperation development.

Internal and external long-term business development.