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Blow molding is put the extruded from the extruder still in the softened thermoplastic into the mold,Then through into the compressed air,use of the air Pressure along the cavity make blank deformation,Thus blown neck short hollow products.

Blow molding has been widely used to produce a variety of thin shell hollow products,Chemicals and household packaging containers,As well as children's toys, etc.Blow molding is refers to get help from the air pressure, to procure melt parison blow molding in the mold,is the third most common type of plastic processing methods,also is the rapid development of a plastic molding method.Plastic molds used only concave mold..Compared to injection molding, the equipment cost is low, adaptability, good formability,having a complicated shape can be formed products.Blow molding originated in the 1830s. Until 1979, blow molding before entering the widely used stage.This stage, blow molding grade plastics include: polyolefins, engineering plastics and elastomers;Blow molding product applications involving automobiles, office equipment, household appliances, medical and other aspects;can produce 60,000 bottles per hour, also can manufacture of large blow molded parts(180kg),multilayer blow molding technology has been considerable development;Blow molding using micro-computers, solid-state electronic closed-loop control systems, computer CAE / CAM technology has become more mature; blow molding machinery become more specialized, more distinguishing feature.

IBC framework production line

IBC整厂输出方案 (吹塑+注塑+框架 )
IBC whole factory output plan Blow molding + injection + framework

IBC框架及零部件代销 (中国最低价 欢迎咨询:13451577777)
Acting sales of IBC framework & parts (China's lowest price Welcome consultation: 13451577777)
镀锌管 Galvanized pipe 网片 Netting 重量weight:21KG

大横梁 Girder 重量weight:3.6KG 底板 Girder 重量weight:10.6KG
四脚件 Four corners 重量weight:0.36KG x 4 =1.44KG 拉杆 Tie rod 重量weight:4.0KG
底管 Bottom pipe 重量weight:3.2KG 标牌板 Nameplate 重量weight:0.9KG
中脚件 Middle corners 重量weight:0.48KG 阀门 Valves 规格Specifications:2" 2.5" 3"



Medical treatment

blow molding machines in the medical field
With the development of medical technology and medical plastic, hollow blow molding products have been widely used
in the medical field. The medical plastic can be made for disposable infusion bags, plasma bags, oxygen masks and other
medical equipments, as well as medical stretchers, medical aids headboard and so onOur machines,Our High Speed
blow molding machines are suitable for processing the hollow products with the main materials like PVC, PP and so on. The sery of these blow moulding machines adopt the screw of low compression ratio, improve melt flowing and plasticizing
capacity. Meanwhile Centre feeding die heads make the material quickly melted, reduce the risk of thermal decomposition,
to achieve a smooth product surface and aclear and transparent product body, retaining the flexibility and strength of the
material. The machine has automatic deflashing, pickingout robot functions to avoid secondary pollution caused by artificial
contact, to achieve the purposeof the sterile production.
Our products, from 30L to 160L blow molding machines, are suitable for processing PP, HDPE and other materials
products, like stretchers,headboards and other products.These machines use the fixed mold opening and closing mechanism,the accumulated extrusion structure, the 300p parison thickness control system, the multifunction bottom blowing system,automatic pickingout robot arms and other devices. The product weight up to 5 kg, andthe length up to 2.5 meters. All the machines adopt advance energysaving technologies,and can save over 30% energy consumption, compared with the traditional equipments. And we can offer customized machines and special structure according to the clients' demand, in order to meet the requirements of the product structure, size, material, etc...


Chemical industry

Development in chemical packing field
In recent years,China's chemical industry has developed rapidly,The demand for plastic hollow container growing ( 220L ),Because of rising steel prices,Many steel users in order to ensure the use of,then choose the hollow plastic container.
Our company started to develop the production of 200L fully automatic hollow blow molding machine since 2004, this machine using whole structure,compact size, small occupation area, convenient transportation. Plasticating system adopts double envelopment die structure, high molecular weight high density polyethylene specified machine,screw. suitable for processing of powder, granular, mixture of high molecular weight polyethylene, plasticizing capacity up to
300-380kg/hr.Electrical system adopts Italy GEFRAN machine control system, independent control module, wall thickness control points to reach 300 points, the corresponding rate reached 1000MM/SEC. Hydraulic system with energy storage type energy-saving system,reduce energy consumption more than 33%. 200L plastic bucket,the machine production using high molecular weight high density polyethylene material, good corrosion resistance, suitable for various liquid dangerous chemical products packaging, widely used in highway, shipping and rail transport.With high rigidity,impac resistance,low temperature resistance and good environmental stress cracking resistance. The barrel mouth is reasonable in design, low residual, easy cleaning,reduces the influence of residue on the environment. 200L dual-ring double plastic bucket, all indicators have reached the export of dangerous goods packaging requirements of a class.This kind of machine in the domestic annual sales of more than 20, and exported to many countries and regions, won the customer has been received.



Application of the blow molding machine in food industry
The food industry is closely related to people's daily life. It provides the largest accumulation in the consumer goods
industry, it absorbs the largest labor force from urban and rural area, it has the closest dependence with agricultural
industry and most strongconnection with other industries. Its development gets the most attention. The food industry
is an industry full of passion and hope.
How to the development of blow molding machine industry on the focus the safety, health and environmental protection is the most critical issues of every manufacturers should focus on. Blow molding machine industry in China is already close international wellknown enterprises in technic and manufacturing, but there is still a certain distance in the field of brand awareness and innovation.The domestic blow molding machine manufacturers are also facing the difficulties of industrial transformation and upgrading. How to make a fast upgrade, they need to find a breakthrough point.
The energy saving of Our High speed series blow molding machine is very important to the breakthrough. Energy
has become a bottleneck for the developmentof whole society. Under the premise of keep the original efficiency and quality, if our machines caneffectively reduce the machineenergy consumption to achieve power cost saving for the mass production, this will win a largenumber of plastic bottles manufacturers.
In this way Our machines will bring the real cost saving and profit improvement directly to the plastic bottles manufacturers. Another breakthrough of course, is blow molding machine innovation. According to the defects of the existing market for blow molding machine,through market research, We will to understand the customers needs, to make machine improvement and innovation.
Becoming the industry leader is also the most effective means of our own competitiveness.



Development in automobile field
In recent years,our company has developed special machine to made trunk board & spare tire cover.
This machine is used many new international advanced technology,perfect safety precautions,realizes from blowing,
molding, take a automationcontrol.The project cooperation with the domestic many large auto parts manufacturers,
through from development ,trial-produce ,Batch produce all the requirement.
At the same time,our blow molding machine can produce high strength spare parts like bumper, guide plate, tail
(ABS) and specialshaped spare parts like oil tank,air conditioning duct ( HDPE ) and high temperature resistant spare
parts like trunk board,spare tire cover ( PP ).



The development and prospects in the children's playground facilitiesAfter 30 years of continuous efforts, China's
recreational facilities develops from zero, from small to large, from coarse to fine,from the import to the export, it has been gradually formed a complete system from design, manufa cturing,usage, maintenance, quality supervision, inspection and safety monitoring. The procedure isdeveloped more and more scientific, and standardized. Thegeographic layout has become more ational, gradually extending from the coastal areas into the mainland. Recreation manufacturing in China is full of potential prosperity.According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 230 play ground equipment manufacturers in China, providing about¥5 billion playground equipment each year for both domestic and international amusement parks.Current and in future years, China's am usement industry will face the situation of the following characteristics:China still has the favorable conditions for maintaining the steady and rapid economic development and social harmony and progress. The upgrading of the consumption structure of urban and rural residents will further promoe the adjustmentof industrial structure and accelerate the development of tertiary industry. The national policy advocatedfor building a harmonious society will bring unprecedented opportunities for the amusement industry development. These will provide a huge market demand for the development of the amusement trend in the amusement manufacturing industry will be more obvious.
The exported quantity will be increasing, the export countries and regions will be moreextensive, there will be more foreign companies seek cooperation or investment in China. We will do bigger, better and stronger in this area, promoting a variety of modelsfor the production of toys products. We believe that through the joint efforts, the ChineseRecreation manufacturing will create a more brilliant future!


Public facilities

With the development of modern society,Expressway are more and more important in people's life.But due to traffic accidents casualties and economic loss is very large.Highway traffic safety is receiving more and more attention.So,the product of traffic safety facilities are more and more important in expressway.Blow molding products in the transportation facilities:isolation barrier,traffic barrel,anticollision barrel,guard bar.
Traffic facilities dedicated machine trait:
Energy conservation,everage energy consumption 35KW
High yield such as (Three holes traffic barrel) daily output about 400
Good stability,All imports of hydraulic valve seal and proportional control,Italy imported computer.
Blow molding traffic safety product trait:
Complete with PE plastic manufacturing,buffer capacity is better after water,bright color.
Light,Easy to move, can be stacked.
Flexible,can adjustment with the road camber,wide application range.