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There is no lonely machine, but a integrated system. Right! We focus our eyes on the blow moulding engineering as a whole, rather than as simple as supplying a blow moulding machine only.

Extrusion blow moulding equipment, maybe it is the ending of a production chain, but most possibily, it’s the beginning of a whole processing flow. From the basic supports of compressed air and cold water, to product designing and mould providing; from the material autoloading system, to crushing and recycling the material wasted; from feeding proportionally to lebeling, leakage testing, bottle collection and packing, even considering the requests of filling, we can provide for you the special integrated solutions.

More than that, we also can design and make the related machines and tools according to the special post-processing requests of your products, matching up your whole process steps to saving human resources. The design and solutions for whole engineering, make your production more efficiency.

We not only supply extrusion blow moulding machine.