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Extrusion blow moulding has went into our everday life, and the role of it has become not replaceable. The blow moulding technology, is driving the blow moulding industry to be going ahead, and take us into a new blow moulding ear, which highlights more automatical, integrative and cooperative in multi-field.

At this new starting point,We are acting a role of propellent, and taking up our uniform mission: surveying the market orientation and industry direction, attaching great importance into R&D and the quality, caring the custoers’specific requests, adopting new technology to achieve customers’ satisfaction.

We lay store by the precise controlling system, stabile mechanical actions, utilitarian equipments, standardized spare parts, and energy saving to cut down customers’cost。From dealing with the trivialness of customers’production, to providing integrated solutions, we are accumulating the experience all the time, and we are willing to share our fruits with our customers.

We are the professional supplier of blow moulding only!