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The mould, for a product is as important as its gene. A set of highqaulity mould, will achieve your product with vivid appearance, exact volume, efficient productivity and easier postprocessing. On the platform of extrusion blow moulding machine, excellent moulds help to give free rein to the machinesadvantages, and display the original design perfectly.

We can provide you such moulds. From the beginning of the practicality and aesthetics of your product design, we can provide youmore preoder services, measuring your samples precisely and make the 3D drawing, bringing forward our reasonable suggestions, even modifying the details according to your requests. The sound design of cooling water runner,helps to shorten the product cooling time; entire 3D CNC insure the container volume for filling; special mould and cutter material, helps to increase the mould life to cut down your cost; autodeflashing devoices simplify the processing works; the mould specification matched with your machine, avoids more trouble and time consumption when you install and dismentle it.

To provide the good moulds, we consider more for you considerately.